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About TransForm

TransForm Corporation is a transformational leadership and business consultancy that passionately believes Purposeful Leaders Build Inspired Organizations and Iconic Brands. We ensure business and brand strategies are implemented and succeed by developing leaders, building high-performing teams and inspiring individuals. From the CEO to the help desk we enable our clients to CEE™ the Brand

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Who we are

David McNally, Chief Encouragement Officer TransForm Corporation
Chief Encouragement Officer

International Business Speaker
Author • Guest Lecturer • Thought Leader

For over 30 years David McNally has inspired millions of people from the stage, on film and in his best-selling books. His following has garnered him the honor of election to the Speakers’ Hall of Fame and recognition by a leading speakers’ bureau as one of the world's Top 50 business speakers. His insights as an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and film producer focus on powerful transformations occurring when people are aligned and committed to a compelling purpose.

David wrote EVEN EAGLES NEED A PUSH — Learning to Soar in a Changing World and THE EAGLE’S SECRET — Success Strategies for Thriving at Work and in Life. His co-authored book, Be Your OWN Brand, is used by business schools throughout the world to address the importance of building a strong personal brand to achieve professional and personal success. His latest book is THE PUSH — Unleashing the Power of Encouragement. Also an award winning producer, David has produced two highly praised, inspirational films, THE POWER OF PURPOSE and IF I WERE BRAVE.

David’s books have been translated into twelve languages and developed into corporate training programs released in over twenty countries. Abbott Laboratories, Ameriprise, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Con-way, Delta Air Lines, Gartner, Merrill Lynch, Pulte Homes, and Time Warner Connect are among the distinguished organizations recognizing David’s work.

As founder and CEO of TransForm Corporation, David and his team connect people to The Power of Purpose through a unique process for aligning leaders, teams and individuals across divisions and throughout organizations. David has discovered that the key to growth and profitability is Purposeful Leaders who build Inspired Organizations and Iconic Brands.

Sarah McNally, President TransForm Corporation

Sarah brings a diverse set of experiences and skills as the President of TransForm Corporation.

As a Theater Major from the College of St. Benedict in Minnesota, Sarah emerged with a distinctive and authentic ability to connect with people. In 2008, Sarah approached her father, David, with a vision of providing the knowledge, tools and inspiration for organizations and individuals to perform at their best. She draws from extensive experience within diverse industries when designing and delivering solutions for our clients. Whether delivered in an auditorium or classroom, on a computer or phone, Sarah is passionate about connecting people to a sense of purpose for their work and their lives.

Sarah’s outreach work includes organizations such as the BrandLab which provides minority high school students an opportunity to learn about design and marketing with companies like General Mills, Land O’ Lakes, Cargill and Target as well as several leading ad agencies. Sarah prepares these students to become future leaders through helping them understand the importance of developing a strong personal brand.

As the mother of a three year old, she is often reminded that inspiration comes from many places and often close to home. Her husband is an animator, musician and ardent fan. Sarah is the oldest of David McNally’s 5 children and when you read some of his books you just might find more interesting facts about Sarah.

Pam Rusten, Strategy and Implementation TransForm Corporation
Strategy and Implementation

Pam leads the strategy and Implementation team for TransForm.

Pam has led multiple initiatives that include creating broad marketing and brand platforms. Her experience includes working closely with NIKE executive management to position an emerging platform for NIKEid. She also played a lead role in implementing the 3M Global Corporate Identity. As a member of the launch team for Scotch® Pop-Up tape strips she led research and product development in Europe, Asia, North and South America. This was regarded as one of the most successful global product introductions in 3M’s history.

Her work with leaders at AREVA North America involved developing a methodology to clearly articulate their common purpose and values. This work provided the foundation for aligning teams across all the business areas to engage future leaders and create a culture of collaboration and innovation.

With a background in design from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Pam has the unique gift and talents of being able to bring enormous creativity to a brand or business strategy yet with a clear focus on achieving the results expected. Her experience extends across the automotive, airline, energy, financial, healthcare, consumer products and service companies. Knowing clearly from what she has learned as to why and how companies succeed and what is universal in each of these industries is the reason Pam is a key member of the TransForm team.

Clients marvel at Pam's ability to see clearly across the entire enterprise. She developed TransForm's CEE™ the Brand platform. For Pam, high performing teams emerge when people are aligned and understand their individual purpose, role and responsibility in delivering on the goals of the business. Pam believes, "You can have the best technology or service, but it is the people, their leaders, and their combined commitment to building a strong brand that determine the fate of the business every day."


The TransForm Story

David McNally, CEO TransForm Corporation

There are moments in our lives when the impact is so profound that we are changed forever.

When I was in my mid-twenties, I attended a management seminar based on Earl Nightingale’s audio series - Lead the Field. Nightingale was known as the Dean of Motivation and to suggest that I was motivated is as vast an understatement as could be made. I soared right out of the room.

At that seminar I was introduced to my potential. And so was everyone else. However, for me it was the beginning of a life long journey of discovery, accomplishment, breaking through the limitations imposed by self and others, learning how to respond to crisis and failure, and, most importantly, creating a life of purpose and meaning.

During this time the world changed dramatically. Technology developed at warp speed. Business competition increased internationally on an unprecedented scale. Communications brought isolated people in the world within reach of each other via cell phones and what is happening in almost every country is broadcast instantaneously into our living rooms.

Here, however, is what I know. The same principles taught to me at that original management seminar are as relevant today as they were then. It’s as if, in that regard, time has stood still. Fulfillment requires living with a sense of purpose. Engagement is connected to believing that what we do matters. Achievement is the result of having clear goals, commitment and determination. Leadership is about discovering and growing talent. Teamwork and collaboration are inspired by a common vision and compelling mission.

I am personally driven by the philosophy that we were not put on this earth just to pump blood. As the acclaimed social philosopher, Marshall McCluhan, stated: "On Spaceship Earth there are no passengers, only crew." To accept our status as crew means to accept responsibility for what happens to our world. I cannot think of a more worthy purpose.

The challenges of life do not escape me. I have had a wife die of cancer and I have personally experienced cancer. As the father of five children, their daily lives and the issues they face are all in the mix of what life presents to me every day. However, I am wise enough to not want it any other way for that is life. I believe that why we are on the planet is to learn and grow and that involves developing the skills and emotional intelligence to navigate through turbulence and tranquility.

My vision is to expose as many people as possible to the lessons I learned in that first management seminar. At TransForm we now have more sophisticated ways to communicate and install that learning. However, the objective remains the same: to provide organizations and individuals with the knowledge, skills and inspiration to perform at their best.

To BE the Brand you need to CEE the Brand