The Strength of your Brand is the evidence of how well you are keeping your promises to your customers and your employees. Your brand is a reflection of your commitment to your PURPOSE - the WHY you exist. But often the pathway gets cluttered and hazy. Employees lack clarity on their Roles, Purpose & Responsibilities in delivering the brand promise. People donít understand how their individual goals connect to achieving the vision of the organization.

At TransForm We Inspire, Align and Connect People to Purpose.

Leaders, Teams, and Individuals need a way to see clearly what matters most. The lens we have created for them to "see clearly" is called CEE™ the brand. It is an elegant process for aligning your Corporate brand with your Employer brand and Employee brand. When everyone in an organization is aligned behind a common purpose, iconic brand experiences happen time and time again.


Is your Company in Alignment?


  • Do our leaders demonstrate a clear sense of purpose?
  • Do our leaders inspire confidence?
  • Do our leaders consistently express a passion for the customer?
  • Do our leaders model values that make us proud of what we stand for?


  • Do we have a culture that inspires our employees? A culture that aligns and connects them to our brand?
  • Is there a lack of alignment on our teams? If so, do we have a blueprint for getting everyone on the same page?
  • Does everyone on our teams understand the Role Purpose and Responsibility they have for delivering our brand promise?
  • Does our training consistently connect to and reinforce the importance of delivering on what we promise?


  • Does our product/service offering reflect and embody our Brand Promise?
  • Does each customer interaction Ė sales and non-sales- in every department demonstrate our commitment to keeping our promises?
  • What processes and procedures create a seamless experience for our customers? Which make life difficult for them?
  • Do our leaders model values that make us proud of what we stand for?
To BE the Brand you need to CEE the Brand