At TransForm we have over 30 years of experience, aligning leaders, teams and employees to a common purpose. A meaningful purpose is the source of inspiration for the highest levels of creativity, contribution and commitment.

The journey to an inspired organization begins with answering these questions:

  • Do our leaders demonstrate a clear sense of purpose?
  • Do our leaders build confidence?
  • Do our leaders consistently express a passion for the customer?
  • Do our leaders model values that make us proud of what we stand for?

With Purposeful Leadership everyone wins. Leaders grow. New leaders emerge. Employees are energized. Innovation is rampant. The right people are in the right positions. People want to come to work. Customers are impressed. The Brand grows strong.

All the stakeholders are happy.



Alignment. oh it feels so good!

But the lack of alignment in organizations is pervasive and the fundamental reason so few strategic plans and brand strategies get fully implemented. Communicating your Vision and Goals is not enough, no matter how well they are stated. People need to be clear about their individual purpose, roles, and responsibilities in achieving those goals.

And those answers are not found in a job description. Winning teams are not built by whatís on a piece of paper, they are built by people who know each otherís strengths and how each contributes to the success of the team. They know what leg of the race they are supposed to run and to whom to pass the baton.

Alignment begins with agreeing upon and committing to a Common and Compelling Purpose. That purpose aligns with the Vision and Goals of the organization. Only then can individual roles and responsibilities be defined to ensure that purpose is fulfilled.

At TransForm our unique process for Alignment provides you with a Blueprint depicting the clear route to achieving your goals. It is: Executable – Empowering – Inspiring.



The ROI Connection

At an individual level, earnings are the reward for converting skills, talents, and energy into a service valued and recognized by employers, or customers. That connection to the reality – "rewards follow service" – is essential for long-term business success. It is the fundamental reason Why we engage people in the WHY conversation.

WHY? Because:

When an authentic, people-centric approach is connected to the heart and soul of your company – employees are inspired.

When individuals connect their personal goals to the goals of the organization – the result is commitment.

When employees make a deep connection to the purpose of the company – they become passionate ambassadors of the brand.

When Corporate, Company and Employee brands are connected – productivity, performance and customer satisfaction soars.

To BE the Brand you need to CEE the Brand